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We are a family business with more than 48 years of history that has established itself as the most innovative and dynamic distribution company within the musical instruments and professional audio market in Spain, Portugal, Italy and France.

The company was founded as a music store in Barcelona. Gradually this business included in its catalog exclusive brands of musical instruments, to become a company with a highly professionalized management and a staff of over 190 people that is present in all sales channels of the market for musical instruments, professional audio and show lighting.

However, after the great growth achieved, Holmusic remains a family-run company that maintains the same values of improvement and quality.

The Group’s corporate headquarters are located in Barcelona and has 7,000 m2 facilities distributed between offices, technical service and warehouse.

+ 48 years of history/

199 people at your service/

7,000 m2 of warehouse.

Why choose us?


In Holmusic we firmly believe in new distribution models that break with the old archaic structures.

All these years we have been able to adapt and anticipate the rapid changes that the market has undergone, consolidating our position as the leading distributor of musical instruments and professional sound in Southern Europe.


We have a well-established, motivated and highly qualified team or professionals in each country where we operate and for each business division, focused on providing effective and specific solutions to our customer´s needs and establishing solid and lasting relationships based on facts.

At Holmusic we are guided by commitment, entrepreneurship and authenticity.


Our model is based on a pan-European distribution that focuses on fewer brands, more synergies and an extremely fast logistics platform. 

Many brands have found in Holmusic the ideal partner that allows them to access new sales channels in Southern Europe simultaneously.


Exclusive distributors of the main brands in the sector.  90% of our customers have trusted us for more than 15 years. We are well known for our brands loyalty and great product knowledge.

Some of our brands:

Casio, Hohner, Korg, Mackie, Adam Audio, Nord, HK Audio, Prs Guitars, Orange, Focusrite, Novation, Audix, Meinl, DTS, Motu, D´Addario, Peavey, Proel, Ortega, Midas, Reloop, Tannoy, Samson, Blackstar, Dixon, Guild, Hagstrom, Cort, Elixir, Strings, Mapex, Sire, Marcus Miller…



As a multichannel distributor we are able to introduce products in many different channels and cover different needs.

We have 16 stores distributed throughout Spain and 3 e-commerce with a team of more than 39 people as specialized sales force, with a great knowledge of the product and experience in customer service.

As well as access to the Consumer Electronics channel, enabling us to immediately introduce some products in the main chains in Spain and Portugal.


We provide our brands and our customers with excellent market information using the latest tools available for tracking sales, detailed by zone, channel, customer and sku, showing relevant information that facilitates important decisions.

We currently work with:

Microsoft Dynamics ERP/CRM

SlimStock purchasing software

Microsoft Power BI


All in one distributor


Access to leading brands in the market. Immediate availability of stock in our warehouse of more than 90% of our products.


We have a warehouse of 7,000 m2 in total where 3 daily shipments are made with an average delivery time in Europe of 24/36 hours.


Powerful and intuitive work tool that allows you to access to all the articles of the brands distributed by Holmusic, knowing in real time the stock, news, orders, shipments, invoices, offers, etc.


Easy and functional. We ship the products directly to your customers benefiting from our advantageous logistic conditions.


We offer our clients a data integration service through a CSV file that can be downloaded from an FTP address with information updated every three hours.


Strategic and constant online/offline marketing actions based on the understanding of our target customer, transmitting the same message from our represented brands through the distributor to the final consumer.


After-sales advice for all our products.
Technical service and warranty management.


Our technical office is composed of highly qualified professionals capable of carrying out or advising on integral projects of any size.

Business Divisions

Spain and Portugal
Adagio Distribución
Distribution of musical instruments and professional sound for Spain and Portugal.

BRANDS: Casio, Reloop, Nord, UDG, Adam, Hohner, HK Audio, Samson, Orange, Paul Reed Smith, José Torres, Oqan, Blackstar, Hagstrom, Amina, dBud, Digitech, DR Strings, GHS, Gallien Krueger, Hartke, Xvive, Motu, Ritter, Samick, Vater, Viscount, W.Hoffmann, Furch y Walden.

Adagio PRO
Professional sound and lighting division. Project engineering department.

BRANDS: Adam Audio, Amina, Apogee, Aston, Audix, DTS, HK Audio, Lake, Lab.Gruppen, L-Tronik, Midas, Motu, Native, Reloop, Samsung, Tannoy, UDG.

Nueva Letusa
Distribution of musical instruments and professional sound for Spain and Portugal.

BRANDS: Korg, Vox, Nektar, Mackie, Cort, T-Rex, Alpine, Meinl, Sonic Energy, Ortega, Nino Percussion, Acus, SE, Proel, Planet Waves, Arp, D´Addario Orchestral, GR Bass, Peavey, Sire, Sire Marcus Miller, José Torres, OQAN, Trace Elliot, Sonor Orff y DH.

Letusa PRO
Professional sound and lighting division. Project engineering department.

BRANDS: Turbosound, Electro- Voice, Dynacord y SE.

Retail and online store of musical instruments and sound serving amateurs and professionals in the world of music since 1963 located in Madrid.
UME Unión Musical
Our retail channel.
A total of 16 own stores, plus the portal www.unionmusical.es , make up the largest network of musical instrument stores in Spain. We are present in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, Seville, Pamplona, Girona and Zaragoza.
Our chain of stores has a team of more than 30 people as a specialized sales force, with a great knowledge of the product and experience in customer service. In addition, 9 people are working in Ecommerce to position our websites as references in the online market.
Music Gallery
As the main distributor of instruments for El Corte Inglés, we have 4 stores in the most important centers in Spain, all of them attended by Holmusic's own staff, being present in the rest of the centers with product exhibition corners.
Major chains
Our brands are present in the main consumer chains: Fnac, Carrefour, Alcampo, Worten, Media Markt, Amazon...
In most of the chains we have been the pioneers creating a new space for musical instruments in their sections.
Adagio Italia
Distributor of musical instruments and professional sound for the whole Italian territory, Corsica and Malta.

BRANDS: Acus, Aulos, Altus, Ashdown, Audix, Azumi, Blackstar, DBud, Dixon, DR Strings, Elixir, Furch, Gallien Krueger, Guild, Hagstrom, Hercules, Hohner, Jagar Strings, José Torres, Jupiter, Kohala, Lanikai, Mackie, Mapex, Sire, Marcus Miller, Meinl, Nino Percussion, Oqan, Orange, Ortega, Paulino Bernabe, Peavey, Seymor Duncan, Sonic Energy, Thomastik Ifeld Vienna, T-Rex, Trace Elliot, UDG, VivaRhythm, XO y Walden.

Adagio France
Distribution of musical instruments and professional sound for the whole French territory.

BRANDS: Asdown, DR, dBud, GR Bass, Blackstar, Hagstrom, José Torres, OQAN, Orla, Peavey, PRS, T-Rex, Trace Elliot y Walden.